How to become a Professional Photographer


One of the reason why I started this blog is my passion in sharing my knowledge and personal experiences thorough photos and hopefully this will aspire you to travel and also learnt from my mistakes!

I’m delighted to receive interest in how i became a professional photographer.


Shooting for Asia’s Next Top Model


I have been shooting professionally for 8 years now and I have shoot and collaborated with brands like Canon, Samsung Dell, OlayFOX and various magazines etc

It is never easy to embark on anything new.

I’m still learning and exploring photography now. My new endeavor from fashion to travel photography has propelled me to experiment new approaches from composition, equipment and new post-processing skills. I have always preferred to stay behind the camera! It was rare to find any selfie photos of myself.

I believe most importantly before you plunge into any new venture, you need to know the industry inside out, like an obsession .

Ask the 4 Ws: Who, How, Why, What.

  • Who are the best in the niche you have chosen?
  • How did they end up being the best? Read about their bio
  • Who are your targeted audiences and clients?
  • What services/photo are your potential clients looking for?
  • What value can you provide to your clients?
  • How do i build my portfolio so that art directors and clients will buy your photos?
  • What makes you different? What are your photo style and branding?
  • How can you build your various skill sets – presentation & pitch skills, people skills, technical camera and lighting, editing skills etc?

I have always wanted to merge two of my passion – adventure travel and photography.

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This was an interview i have done with Stuff Magazine a while back on How to get in Fashion Photography.
Hope this article can answer some of the questions you have.



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