Everyone is asking me where and how i took these photos of Mount Fuji, so I decided to share with you my itinerary for a day trip from Tokyo!

Most people will go to Hakone for Mount Fuji and the lake, i have been there 5 times and i could not even get a glimpse of Fuji San- weather condition.

The best location to see Mount Fuji is actually North of it – Yamanashi Prefecture! That is home of Fuji San and actually where the hiking route starts for Mount Fuji – meaning you are practically at the base of it! The region is called Fuji Five Lakes – there are a total of 5 lakes – Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Motosu, Lake Sai, Lake Shōji, Lake Yamanaka

With the little day light in Autumn/Winter, be sure to leave as early as possible to enjoy the most of it! There are lots of resorts and im surprised to even see hostels there! I would definitely recommended a 2D1N if you have the luxury of time.

Lake Kawaguchiko 河口湖

I went to Lake Kawaguchiko which is the nearest and where you can get a stunning open view of Fuji!

How to get to Lake Kawaguchi-ko:
Take the Red line bus from  Kawaguchiko station, alight at bustop 8

Oishi Park

How to get to Lake Kawaguchi-ko:
Take the Red line bus from  Kawaguchiko station, alight at bustop 22


How to get to the Lake Kawaguchiko:
Take direct bus from Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal Bus, ¥1,750, 2 hours

By Train: From Shinjuku Station, take the JR Chuo Line to Otsuki Station.
Transfer to Fujikyuko Line and take to the last stop, Kawaguchiko Station!

Final Station:
Kawaguchiko Station
Fujikyuko Line

When you reach Kawaguchiko Station, transfer to the RED line bus outside the station to reach lake kawaguchiko! Est 30min.


  • There are no convenience stores around the lake and little vending machine, be sure to pack food and beverages if you intend to have a day trip.
  • Be sure to start your day really early. The day light is extreme short during Autumn/Winter, sunset at 4.30pm! The sky gets dark by 3.30pm! I started mine at 7am and reached the lake at 12.30pm and managed to only visit 2 location in 3 hours.
  • You can only see Mount Fuji on a clear day – totally no cloud! Remember to check your daily weather forecast, the forecast in Japan is so accurate, i treated it like bible. I waited for 5 days for the sky to clear before making this trip.

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